Repair Services 

Repairing damaged wood caused by termites, dry rot, and/or fungus is a very important part of the remediation process. We understand the importance of hiring a reputable company who will do all the repairs the correct way. Substandard repairs performed by untrained contractors that are not aware of the extent of the damages can lead to problems down the road. We often see wood filler being used when the wood needs to be replaced or only small sections of wood being replaced, leaving behind unseen damage. If you are selling your home, you may be responsible for the costs of repairing the remainder of the damage, potentially doubling the costs of repairs from the original estimate. 

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Why Choose Teamwork Termite

At Teamwork Termite, we employ our own carpenters who are well trained in all types of repairs. They will ensure all of the damage has been thoroughly exhausted. Our inspectors work directly with our wood repairmen so they have full knowledge of what work needs to be completed. Teamwork Termite pays attention to the details, down to the specific type and style of wood. If you have smooth, rough, or even special order wood, we will install the correct lumber. We do not cut corners by installing the wrong type of wood. Teamwork pre-primes all wood being installed to help protect it, and we will even offer an estimate to paint the wood if desired.

A Real Life Example

A longtime customer of Teamwork Termite purchased another property thinking that the seller had the termite inspection and repairs completed. Fifteen months after escrow closed, the new owner started to see problems. The new owner called us out to have the entire property inspected. After completing the inspection, we found over $15,000 in damage/repairs still needing to be done, and the property needed to be fumigated, whereas the other company simply locally treated a few areas. The owner tried to talk with the original termite company about the issues, but their response was, "sorry, you are out of warranty." Now, the new owner has filed a complaint with the Structural Pest Control Board and hired a lawyer.

Our Repair Services

  • Bathroom floors (vinyl & tile)
  • Patio and deck repairs (including complete teardowns and rebuilds)
  • Stucco repairs
  • Priming included in all repairs
  • Dry rot and fungus repairs
  • Shower pan repairs
  • Drywall repairs (including all different types of textures)
  • Door and window repairs and/or replacement
  • Painting
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