Termite Inspection & Control

Drywood termites and subterranean termites can cause a lot of damage to your property. No matter what type of structure you own, it’s your investment that could potentially be attacked and destroyed. The first thing you need to do is have a thorough inspection performed by a licensed and reputable company. Our residential, commercial, and HOA termite inspections take approximately 2 hours on an average-sized property. After the inspection is complete, you will receive a report detailing the findings and recommendations. Our goal is to address your termite problems quickly and efficiently. 

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Our Treatment Options

We offer a variety of termite treatment options and will help determine which method will work best for your property and the type of termites present. As a Termidor-certified company, we are licensed to apply this termite defense product.

Localized Treatments

Local treatments consist of drilling a series of holes into the infested wood, hitting the galleries the termites have made throughout the center of the wood. The applicator then pressurizes a termiticide into the holes allowing the chemical to flow through the galleries getting the termiticide to the termite colonies.

Local treatments are a common and very effective way of treating drywood termites, but are limited to only what the inspector and/or applicator can see or physically get to. A few key factors in eliminating your termites are the thoroughness of the inspection, the type of termiticide, and the accessibility to and extent of the infestation of your home.


Fumigation, also known as tenting, is an all-encompassing treatment for drywood termites and ultimately the best way of eliminating all drywood termite infestations to your structure, even in the inaccessible areas. Fumigations are completed with sulfuryl fluoride, also known as Vikane gas, and chloropicrin, commonly known as tear gas. Vikane is non-flammable, non-corrosive and is a colorless and odorless gas. The fumigant quickly penetrates structural materials eliminating the colonies. It dissipates rapidly during the aeration period. Fumigating your structure with Vikane gas is a 100% guarantee of complete elimination throughout your structure.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Subterranean termite treatments are also known as slab injections or trenching and rodding. The termites are eradicated by drilling holes every 12 inches into the slab and injecting a termiticide directly into the soil under the slab, or by trenching the soil around the perimeter of your structure. An infestation to the soil in the subarea can be treated by trenching the soil to the infested areas and applying termiticide in the trench. The goal in treating for subterranean termites is to create a barrier of termiticide up against or around the infested areas to force them to travel through the termiticide and transfer it back to the colonies.

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